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About Us

Who We Are

We are The Way Pentecostal Church located in Ottawa ON. Affiliate with (PAOC) collaborate with The Way Pentecostal Church of USA, and 8e Cepac in DRC .We believe in Trinity.Our many Biblical verse is in Matthew 28:18-19. Acts 1:8. John 10:10.

Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, showing the community the love of God through Jesus Christ.Example doing Community barbecue, where community eating and drinking. We have Children and young adult activities in our church.Women and men activities.

Pastor Joseph Ndunguka Matumaini

What we do for the community?

Spreading the message of Jesus Christ, demonstrating God’s love to the community through Him. This includes organizing events such as community barbecues where people come together to share meals and fellowship. Our church also hosts activities tailored for children, young adults, women, and men to foster a sense of community and connection.

Water Baptisms

Every person who believes in Christ should be baptized by immersion in water.
Jesus told His disciples to teach all nations and preach the gospel, including baptizing them (Matt. 28:19 & Mark 16:16).
Basically…baptism does not make you a believer…it shows publicly that you are a believer.

Child Dedications

A child dedication is an act of believing-parents making a commitment before the Lord to submit their child to God’s will, and to raise them according to God’s Word and God’s ways. We offer Child Dedications on various Sunday mornings during the year.

Please call the church office to register or fill out this child dedication request form.

How you can get involved?

By supporting the church financially and spiritually, prayer for the church, the leaders of church and people in our congregations. You can get Involved in different departments in our church, the choir, serving and volunteering in protocol, ushering, help our Sunday school, medias, evangelist team and many more.

If you have many more questions let us know.

Pastor: Joseph Ndunguka Matumaini
Service : 283 Queen Mary Street Ottawa. ON K1K 1X1
Office 71-355 McArthur Avenue Ottawa. ON K1L 6N5
Tel: 613 600 4350